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FoamForge works with closed cell foam

Foam can be divided in to two fundamental types: closed or open cell (open cell typically used as a sponge or upholstery material).

Closed cell foams are composed of a matrix of independent, closed cells which are nonporous, stronger and more durable (typically used as a swimming float or bodyboard).

They are an expanded version of the original sheet polymer, with Foamforge most commonly using polyolefin foams: polyethelene (PE) and polyethelene vinyl acetate (EVA).

As thermoplastics, PE and EVA can be moulded using heat and pressure – this is thermoforming.

Material Benefits

Closed cell foam is produced in a range of densities, colours and rigidity. It’s key benefits include: lightweight, tough, flexible, resilient, energy absorbent, insulating, buoyant, chemically inert UV stable and recyclable.

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